TypeZoning By-law Amendment
Indexed2022-09-21 16:35:50 UTC
DescriptionThe Zoning amendment is required to reduce the interior side yard setbacks, reduce the amount of parking, to rezone the land from two zones to a single zone, and to bring the existing building into compliance with the proposed new zone. The following amendments are requested: Increase in building height to permit 5 storeys (18 metres) along Springhurst Ave. Reduction in vehicle parking to allow 20 spaces; Reduction in interior side yard setback to allow setbacks ranging from 0.03 metres to 4.19 metres; Reduction in minium landscaped buffer between a parking lot and the street to allow for a 0 metre buffer.
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  • 2022-09-21 16:35:50 UTC Active
  • 15 OBLATS, AV DES Old Ottawa
  • 17 OBLATS, AV DES Old Ottawa
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