TypeSite Plan Control
Indexed2022-02-07 02:52:34 UTC
DescriptionSite plan Control application for next phase of the Wellings of Stitssville residential development. Proposal is for a 2- building apartment complex, A 6-storey building with round floor retail uses and x220 apartments above will fronti onto Hazeldean Road. A second 5-storey 194-unit building would be located to the rear of the first building. A landscaped courtyard and surface parking lot is located bewtween the tewo buildings. An underground parking garae will provide parking for 400 vehicles.
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  • 2022-04-03 00:47:02 UTC File Pending
  • 2022-11-29 15:34:37 UTC Active
  • 2022-11-29 17:35:02 UTC Inactive
  • 2022-12-01 17:34:28 UTC Active
  • 2022-12-01 19:34:03 UTC Inactive
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  • 16 CEDAROW Court Goulbourn
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  • 20 CEDAROW Court Goulbourn
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