TypePlan of Subdivision
Indexed2022-02-07 02:51:27 UTC
DescriptionThe Draft Plan of Subdivision proposes a mix of detached dwellings, townhouse dwellings and one higher density block for a total of approximately 1,450 units. The draft plan also proposes 45 streets, 13 lanes, nine walkway blocks and five parks. The subject lands are approximately 88 hectares in area. The existing site conditions comprise primarily of former and fallow agricultural lands, extending to the banks of the Jock River to the south, the Fraser-Clarke Creek to the east and north, and the Foster Creek to the west. The Jock River, and associated tributaries, are lined with sparse vegetation, varying from large trees and shrubs, to riparian hedgerows. Natural drainage courses, such as the Foster Creek and Fraser-Clarke Creek run through the site. The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority updated their regulatory mapping of the Jock River in July 2020. The areas that remain within the flood plain have been identified as open space blocks on the Draft Plan of Subdivision.
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