Development Applications

Number Desc Updated
D07-04-22-0019 Plan of Condominium: The subject site is designated General Urban Area per Schedule B of the Official Plan. The General Urban Area designation permits all types of densities and housing, as well as employment, retail uses, service, industrial, cultural, leisure, greenspace, enterainment and institutional uses. The proposed townhouse dwellings are permitted within the General Urban Area. The common element condominium application does not change the intent of the proposed residential use already approved through Site Plan Control.
  • 4800 BANK Street
2023-06-09 16:35
D07-12-23-0064 Site Plan Control: A Site Plan Control application to expand the existing commercial building along Strandherd Drive for additional retail and warehouse space, along with the relocation of the existing garden centre and frost house.
  • 2501 GREENBANK Road
2023-06-08 16:35
D07-12-23-0058 Site Plan Control: The applicant submitted a Site Plan Control application to construct a shopping centre with a 3,446 square metre retail food store, 483 square metre multi-tenant commercial building, and 181 surface parking spaces. Vehicular access to the site will be provided by a right-in, right-out access off Cambrian Road. A second access is proposed off the future realigned Greenbank Road.
  • 3845 CAMBRIAN Road
2023-06-07 16:35
D07-16-17-0033 Plan of Subdivision: The City of Ottawa has received a Draft Plan of Subdivision to revise an application to an existing draft approved Plan of Subdivision to create a new road connection through the adjacent properties to the south to provide a secondary road connection for the draft approved lands. The road connection would also serve as a servicing corridor for water service looping.
  • 810 CEDARVIEW Road
2023-06-07 12:30
D07-12-23-0051 Site Plan Control: proposed single storey warehouse and commercial facility with surface parking
  • 1485 UPPER CANADA Street
2023-06-06 16:36
D02-02-23-0034 Zoning By-law Amendment: A zoning amendment is required to place the retained lands from the recent severance in a site-specific zone to prohibit residential development. A zoning amendment is also required on the severed lot to recongnize a lot frontage of 27 metres where the zoning by-law requires a frontage of 60 metres
  • 2659 RIVER Road
  • 2691 RIVER Road
2023-06-06 14:35
D07-12-14-0081 Site Plan Control: The intent of the application is to permit a 12-storey mixed-use building with two (2) levels of underground parking, totalling 126 parking spaces, and 127 residential apartment units. The building will also contain seven (7) retail units with a total of 611 m2 (7,115 sq. ft.) of leasable commercial space at grade fronting on City Centre Avenue, 730 m² (7,858 sq. ft.) of leasable commercial space on the second floor fronting on Somerset Street, and 68 m² (731 sq. ft.) of leasable commercial space on the third floor.
  • 989 SOMERSET WEST Street
  • 989 SOMERSET WEST Street
  • 158 SPRUCE Street
  • 158 SPRUCE Street
2023-06-06 06:30
D07-12-23-0024 Site Plan Control: We, the owners wish to construct a 12.8m wide by 31.7m long unheated storage structure for lumber. The building will have no services and a gravel base. The structure is proposed to consist of fabric hoop on posts cemented into the ground. Both ends will be closed in and have 4.2m overhead steel doors along with person walk through doors. Surrounding areas around structure will continue to have a gravel base.
  • 7248 BANK Street
2023-06-05 12:36
D01-01-23-0007 Official Plan Amendment: The proposed redevelopment seeks to allow a mixed-use mid-rise building
  • 27 BALSAM Street
  • 245 ROCHESTER Street
  • 249 ROCHESTER Street
  • 261 ROCHESTER Street
2023-06-05 06:35
D02-02-23-0040 Zoning By-law Amendment: CConstruction of a 6 Storey mid-rise, Mixed-use building with 2 commercial units on the ground floor and a total of 28 residential units; 19 bachelor units and 9 one-bedroom units. A total of 149 square meters of amenity space is provided via private balconies, communal terraces and outdoor patio space.
  • 224 PRESTON Street
2023-06-05 06:35